Haruhiko Takase
Kanji 高瀬 春彦(たかせ はるひこ)
Gender Male
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Height 172cm (5'8")
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Class 2-1
Club Soccer Club
Personal Status
Relatives Koutarou Takase (Brother)
Friends Saki Kanda (Crush), Alice Himemiya, Akimasa Noro
Manga Chapter 1
Anime Episode 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Kentarou Kumagai
English Stephen Sanders
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Haruhiko Takase is a character in Tsurezure Children. He is in class 2-1 and is in the Soccer Club.


Haruhiko has spiky black hair with dark blue eyes.


He is a very shy when around Saki, and is a lovable jock.

History Edit


Saki Kanda: Edit

He has a crush on Saki but certain texting miscommunication causes their relationship to be awkward.

Alice Himemiya: Edit

He is friends with Alice, and was aware of Alice's crush on him. They went to the same middle school.

Koutarou Takase: Edit

Koutarou is Haruhiko's younger brother.

Akimasa Noro: Edit

He seems to get along with Noro, as they talked during the school trip, and they sit next to each other.

Kimihito Onizuka: Edit

They seem to get along with each other.

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  • He is said to be popular by Kimihito and Saki.
  • He played soccer in middle school although he says that he wasn't that good.
  • In the manga it's common for people to get him confused with Sugawara due to their facial construct and hair style.



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